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At Amelie, we had the pleasure of working alongside the extraordinary father and son team, Alex and Regis Crepy, who were determined to introduce the Skinny Pizza concept to the UK and establish Amelie Flamkuche as a household name. Located in the vibrant Grafton Centre in Cambridge, Amelie offers a unique and innovative dining experience.

With our collaborative efforts, we aimed to create a space that would reflect the essence of the Skinny Pizza concept while capturing the spirit of Amelie Flamkuche. The design of the restaurant was carefully crafted to embody a modern and inviting atmosphere, enticing customers to indulge in the delicious and healthy fare on offer.

Working closely with Alex and Regis Crepy, we ensured that every element, from the layout to the furniture selection, aligned with their vision. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality resulted in the creation of a space that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Whether it was the choice of materials, the arrangement of seating areas, or the incorporation of unique design elements, our collaboration aimed to bring their ultimate goal to fruition.

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