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Antipodea Brasserie

When Brew, the London café group, decided to open their first Antipodea Brasserie in Kew, they were keen to embrace the trend of bringing the outdoors inside. Ethically sourced furniture was of utmost importance to this forward-thinking company. At Mayan Interiors, we collaborated closely with the project designers from the very beginning to develop bespoke furniture pieces that would perfectly complement the overall theme.

To capture the desired natural aesthetic, we carefully selected a mixture of natural woods and materials. Inspired by the laid-back feel of the Australian Outback, we chose exposed brick walls and solid oak table tops, which served as the foundation for the design. Raw wood tones and rustic metal finishes were incorporated to accentuate the space's natural atmosphere.

The park-style benches became a key element, featuring a black steel frame, exposed rivets, and cracked antique leather seat pads. These elements emphasized the relaxed dining atmosphere that Brew desired to create. In addition, our in-house manufacturing allowed us to produce the exclusive bespoke Ibis side chairs, crafted from solid walnut based on the client's specifications.

For the outdoor area, we introduced new and tailored designs for 2017. The tabletops were made of CDF (compact density fiberboard), while the chairs featured solid beech frames with veneer seats and hand-painted white backs. These outdoor pieces not only complemented the interior furniture but also highlighted the easy-going Australian ambience that Brew aimed to convey.

To further enhance the overall atmosphere and pay tribute to the local heritage of Kew Gardens, we incorporated rattan armchairs, which provided a distinctive blend of natural textures. This choice of furniture harmonised with the botanical wallpaper reflected the surrounding area's rich history.

Mayan Interiors took pride in contributing to the creation of Brew's Antipodea Brasserie in Kew, ensuring that the furniture selections were ethically sourced and in alignment with the desired natural aesthetic. The result was a unique synergy between the inside and outside spaces, perfectly capturing the relaxed and inviting atmosphere the café group envisioned.

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