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The Maids Head Hotel

Over the past eight years, the Maids Head Hotel has undergone a significant transformation with a multi-million pound investment in renovating all 84 bedrooms, Reception area, comfortable lounges, and the wine press restaurant & bar. Mayan Interiors, in collaboration with Nicola Lovell Interior Architecture & Design, has been honoured to be a part of this journey, having completed several projects for the hotel over the last few years. Nicola's expertise in creating a homely and comforting atmosphere that is sympathetic to the historic hotel has truly shone through.  We supplied exquisite fabrics for our in-house furniture ranges, perfectly fitting with the hotel's character and charm. Our statement chairs from our in-house collections can be spotted in the bedrooms and the wine press restaurant, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the spaces. In addition to our off-the-shelf pieces, thanks to our manufacturing capabilities, we were also able to create custom sofa beds, headboards, and loose seating to meet the hotel's unique requirements. We are proud to have played a role in creating a welcoming and beautiful ambiance for the Maids Head Hotel, blending history and modernity in perfect harmony.

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