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Handmade Burger - Eldon Square

As part of their contract to design all the new branches of Handmade Burger Co., Brown Studio has sought to maintain the company's branding while infusing each location with a unique touch that reflects the local heritage. For the Eldon Square project, Mayan Interiors was approached to provide sustainable contract furniture.

Situated in the intu shopping centre, the Eldon Square branch of Handmade Burger Co. embraces the industrial chic aesthetic that characterizes the brand. To optimize space utilization and create additional seating capacity, banquette seating has been strategically incorporated into areas where tables and chairs would be less appropriate, resulting in a more efficient use of the entire space.

Mayan Interiors contributed two different types of bench seating to the project. At one end of the restaurant, back-to-back booth seating in royal blue faux leather was installed, accompanied by bespoke metal dividers for added privacy and distinctiveness. On the opposite end, benches in the same royal blue color featured a round horizontal fluted back design, enhancing the visual appeal of the space. The restaurant also boasts our rustic oak table tops, which bring a touch of warmth and natural beauty to the interior. Additionally, Mayan Interiors supplied chevron wood wall paneling, adding texture and visual interest to the surroundings. Outdoor bench seating was also provided, ensuring a cohesive design aesthetic both inside and outside the restaurant.

With a commitment to sustainability, Mayan Interiors ensures that our contract furniture aligns with the eco-friendly values of Handmade Burger Co. Through our collaboration with Brown Studio, we have contributed to creating a vibrant and welcoming dining space in the Eldon Square branch that not only represents the brand but also incorporates elements inspired by the local heritage.

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